Hello World!!

Welcome to my blog- The Enchandress. I'am Barkha and this blog is all about fashion, styling and lifestyle. I laid the foundation of "The Enchandress" for the world to experience a glimpse of the creativity and activities originating in my mind. My blog is a perfect place for those who embrace their imperfections with confidence and for all those are keen on discovering the fashion world like never before.

Do take out some of your precious time to explore my blog and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate with me on a project!!.

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From a Wish to your Wardrobe

The Enchandress


C  A  T  E  G  O  R  I  E  S

Fashion & Lifestyle


Idea behind "The Enchandress"

Well , this is a simple calculation !

Enchant + Dress = Enchandress

The dress/ outfit that looks magically charming . The outfit which sets you apart from the rest of the world . 


I believe that there's something so magical about the fashion world . Like you wish upon a shooting star and wait for the magic to happen ! I believe in creating my own magic and being my own star ! That is what i thrive to achieve at "The Enchandress" . It is a journey from a Wish to your wardrobe ! Creating  outfits tailored with love ! Be ready to enchant the world with our outfits and your charm 

R  E  C  E  N  T      P  O  S  T  S