Hello there! Welcome to The Enchandress Blog. This place is all about  fashion, styling and lifestyle. I am Barkha , Founder & Creative mind behind "The Enchandress". As a child, i was always inspired by art and colours. Little did i know that i would end up working in the Fashion industry!  Today I am a Fashion designer and a personal stylist . 


I like to describe myself as a very ambitious , confident , creative and a driven woman , who loves to enjoy each and every moment of life .


I am a twenty-something girl with love for exploring , a fondness for dogs and a passion for fashion. 


Coming to my blogs -

The blog has 5 main categories:


Fashion & Lifestyle – This section pertains to collections, designers, jewelry, trends, shoes and unique areas of fashion inspiration 


Let's Learn ! - "The whole purpose of education is to turn Mirrors into Windows" I aspire to share fashion basic concepts and theories on this platform so that you can learn the basics at the comfort of your space and apply it the next time you buy something for yourself ! Sounds interesting? 


Artwork  – Because i am a person who loves art ! I would love to share my artwork here . I tend to inspire and be inspired by art !


Travel – Places I’ve been, want to go, vacations and such. 


Add to Cart !  – This will be a section where i will review all the unique and amazing stuff i shop and i feel can be a valuable add on in your closet as well ! Expect everything fun and unique here ! A bonus for shopaholics 


My life is so blessed to have such an amazing reader as you . Lets make this experience worthwhile . Have a happy time reading my blogs ! 




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