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10 Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Unruled

“Learn the rules like a Pro , so you can break them like an artist “ And who really likes to fit in ? When you are born to stand out ! The rebel in you just smiled , didn't it ? If you want to leave an everlasting impression in the world of fashion , repeat after me – To do hell with fitting in . And here you go ! The rebel within you has already won .

So today’s discussion will be all about Fashion rules we don't really know who made and why he made it . And that should be enough reason NOT TO FOLLOW THEM !

Unrule the Rule 1 – Don't wear “that color” to somebody else’s wedding .

Well , what you're not supposed to wear to somebody else’s wedding is – A wedding dress - That's it about it . If you are going to steal the spotlight of the bride just by wearing a certain color or a shimmery dress , that should absolutely not be a problem that you’re so charming !

Unrule the rule 2 – That’s so bright . Don't wear that .

We have heard a lot of times that red and pink don't go well together . There is absolutely nothing wrong with those two beautiful colors being together . What’s wrong is that you don't know how to put them together . Keep the red true, and add any shade of pink, from pastel to fuchsia . See how beautiful that combination will look ! Also , if your shine hurts their eye, then it’s not your problem . If you like it just wear it .

Unrule the Rule 3- Print on print is so loud

Just because a leopard and zebra can’t be friends in the jungle doesn’t mean they won't complement each other on your outfit . It looks very stunning . If you don't believe me , go ahead and try it . Thank me later ;)

Infact You can mix and match different types of prints like florals, polka dots , stripes and be sure they won't disappoint you .

Unrule the rule 4- Eww that’s too much jewellery

Oh honey , there’s nothing like too much jewellery . Its just a matter of personal preference . If you like it , layer that stuff on . Moreover you can mix up gold and silver . Different metals compliment each other and you don't look so matchy matchy . You just have to get out of your box and try new things .

Unrule the Rule 5 – You should always match your shoes , bag and belt .

There is no hard and fast rule as such . Although I do agree that matching shoes , bags and belt is a bit outdated . But if you think you like your shoes and bag matched you can one hundred percent do that ..

There are a few other combinations you could try –

• Matching your hat to your shoe/bag

• Or your necklace to your earrings

• If your outfit has a lot of prints , accessorize it with solid colors .

• On the other hand if your outfit is a bit more plane and neutral , you can accessorize it with printed bag, shoes or belt .

Unrule the Rule 6 – Oh you are so tall . Wear flats

Tall ? And love heels ? Go ahead , wear them ! Just because you being taller than men would intimidate them , is not a good enough reason to not wear them . But alert – Keep them only as high as you can manage them effortlessly . Again it is a matter of personal preference .

Unrule the Rule 7 – Hey shortie , don't wear that long dress , it's not for you

What’s not for you is their opinion honey ! Let me tell you long dresses in monochromatic color schemes can make you look taller if draped properly and fits perfectly . (A tip – all you need to be bothered about is your dress fitting not their opinion ) One color head to toe elongates the shape . So that’s all you need to know about it .

Unrule the Rule 8 – That is too revealing .

We have heard a lot of people advising that – Leg or cleavage , never both . You don't have to believe any of such myths . Its all about you and how comfortable you are in carrying a particular style . There have been models and actresses who have worn deep necklines with long slitted gowns and have made heads turn . You have to just know your body and decide for yourself . Your own judgement works better than anything else here . Bare what you dare , ladies .

Unrule the Rule 9 – Holy ! that’s for men/children

Haha ! No , that’s for you as well . A privilege , isn't it ? The biggest bonus of being a woman I believe is that you can shop in any section (unlike men ;) ) Are you going for the boyfriend jeans look? Give the actual men's section a try. We often find some of our favorite pieces in the men's section at department stores. Pro tip: The children's department also has great finds in boys sizes XL. (Haha ! Thank me later )

Unrule the rule 10 – That’s inappropriate for your age

That’s not more inappropriate than your thought though . The myth that clothes come with an age range is a silly one. What you should be expert is at is how to Dress what suits your personality . Certain actresses who have crossed the 50 bar , yet look so chic and charming . If they can do it, so can you ! But don't let society's weird rule-making tell you that you can't be 45 and hot and stylish and setting trends. Know yourself and then dress yourself. (The picture below is of Raquel Welch who stuns the leopard print at 73 ! Can you believe it ? )

One last PRO TIP for all the Diva’s reading this today – Know that there is always a special place which is reserved just for you – It’s called a THRONE . Be bold , be beautiful and wear anything that pleases you , cause that’s what Queens do right ? Don’t let the world decide for you .

I’d love to hear from all you beautiful people. If there’s any of these myths that you’ve broken or aspire to break do let me know in the comment box below .

Thank you for reading !

Xoxo ,

Barkha .

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