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10 Most Interesting Confessions Of a Shopaholic

Food is good, But clothes are carb-free you know!

It’s so cool to be smart and elegant but when you become obsessed with clothes, there might be more to your desire to look good than meets the eye.

If you softly whisper to yourself “just one more” as you add that another item to your cart and felt it right into your soul when Rebecca Bloomwood said- “When I shop the world gets better, and the world is better but then it's not, and I need to do it again..” Haha congratulations! you successfully qualified as a shopping freak.

You're about to read the most Relatable things you've ever read about yourself! Go ahead!

1. Shopping is the best therapy.

You shop in the name of love. Haha! Not just love- Love, anger, anxiety, happiness, sadness, arguments, bad day at work, helping the economy, feeling bored, oh your puppy sneezed- you can shop for every possible reason be it reasonable enough or not. (Kinda funny haha!)

2. SALE- An excuse to buy a bunch of stuff you don't really need. But that’s okay because you might need those grandpa shorts maybe 30 years later and what if they get expensive then. Let me buy it today itself. £9.50 reduced from £9.99? What a bargain!!

3. Nothing haunts you than the thing’s you don't buy.

You'll have nightmares about that awesome jumpsuit you didn't buy today. You don't really want to get Haunted by that right? Buy it? Hell YEAH!

4. You don’t need to workout

Because it is physically possible for you to carry more than your own body weight back to the car. You’ll find the strength somewhere for the things you love. Shopping is your cardio!

5. Money may not buy you happiness but it helps you buy things that make you happy.

Same thing bruhhh! If I have money I can go shopping and shopping makes me happy so that means money can actually buy you happiness, so there!

6. You know your credit card number by heart.

You never know when a bargain might appear online; one must be prepared.

7. You don’t think twice before buying something that you’ve fallen in love with at first sight . Because, well, paise isi liye toh kamaaye the.

8. You don’t have enough space in your closet

But you’re still going to buy more stuff. Or maybe even a new cupboard if you have to.

9. When you have no money you want it more

The less money you have the worse the temptation and the more you feel like you need it. You see it , you like it, you want it, you get it.

10. Your favourite e-mails are the ones that let you know your order has been shipped! Packages start arriving in the post that you don’t even remember ordering.

It’s a stressful and expensive hobby being a shopaholic. You could give up shopping, but you are not a quitter right. Haha!

It this was fun to read and you really enjoyed reading this, do let me know your thoughts on this in the comment box below. Let's talk!



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