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8 General Fashion Rules That All the Fashion Diva's Know & Follow!

Wondering how the fashionistas and the divas' manage to look so gorgeous and on point every single time?

I know why! Because they know something you don't.

And they follow these rules everytime you don't.

So I'll be sharing with you some most general and quick fashion rules which will make your life much easier and more stylish than ever before.

RULE 1- Black minimizes any figure shape.

RULE 2- White maximizes any body shapes.

RULE 3- Small prints emphasizes a large shape.

RULE 4- Large prints emphasize a small shape.

RULE 5- One color head to toe creates lenght.

RULE 6- One color on top, contrast color on bottom cuts that lenght in half & it appears that you look shorter.

RULE 7- Too tight/ too loose is always wrong.

RULE 8- Age inappropriate dressing emphasizes your age.

You might have known some of these rules already. These are the basics that you must know.

Now everytime you shop and style yourself, keep these rules and mind.

Be ready to be the next diva and stunn the world with your style.

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