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A Complete Styling Guide For Pear Body Shape

Hello my beautiful Pears! Its your turn to get styled today.

If you've

• Sloping Shoulders

• Hips are larger than your bust and wider than your shoulders

• Slender waist and may even have killer abs (Did you just check if you have any ? Haha because same ;) )

• Prominent thighs

If you have these features, Welcome! You're at the right place.

First things first let's discuss what features you need to highlight to flatter your body in all the right ways-

1. The name of the game is broadening your shoulders to balance out those saddlebags. You need to distract attention from your butt and thighs. So make the upper body more bright and appealing.

2. Add shape and structure above your waist to balance out your silhouette. Enhance your shoulders and waist.

Now that we know what to highlight, Let's discuss what to wear to & what not to so that we can create the most perfect silhouettes for our body shape.

What TO Wear?

• Go for bolder, brighter tops with large collars, lapels and sleeves to add volume to your upper body. Wear ruffled tops and puffed sleeves to add some vital inches.

• For your bottoms, wear the darkest possible shade to compliment your tops. Avoid lighter shades. Make sure your trousers are wide enough and the fabric is heavy enough to skim over your thighs.

• A strapless dress works wonders for a pear shaped .

• One of your main indulgence should be a collection of amazing coats/ jackets/ Shrugs. Three quarter & knee length jackets are the best to cover your saddlebags. You can choose upon the cloth quality of your jackets depending upon the seasons. Denims are evergreen!

• Stiff, flared skirts do a terrific job of disguising your wide butt.

• Style your outfits with a drop dead gorgeous necklace to spotlight your top half.

• Patterned scarf can add much needed drama to your simple outfits.


What NOT TO Wear?

• Baggy tops and tunics

• Patterns or embellishments on butt and thighs

• Pencil, fishtail and tight tube skirts that highlights your butt curves.

• Low waist skinny jeans.

• Avoid bright colored bottoms

Well, I hope this helped. If it did, do let me know in Comment box below.

If you have any query, you can get in touch with me on theenchandressofficial@gmail.com. I will definitely write back!



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