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Color Coordination Between The Bride and The Groom

Have you ever noticed how color-coordinating wedding outfits have become popular ? And why not after all, who doesn’t love good looks and excellent pictures!

The first thing that you’re guests will notice even before interacting with you is your wedding attire. And secondly, since you’re going to be in the limelight throughout your functions and will also be photographed a lot, it’s best to make sure that you both complement each other.

Therefore, here are some ways by which you can colour-coordinate the outfit with your bride/groom.

  1. If the bride is wearing a light colour, the groom can wear the same shade in a darker tone.

  2. Groom can wear the shirt and the pocket square of the same colour as the Brides outfit.

  3. You can also opt outfits from the same colour family.

  4. The Groom can match the stoke with the bride’s outfit.

  5. For Grooms who are opting for a tuxedo, you can match your formal jacket’s colour to that of the main colour of the brides outfit.

  6. Apart from just contrasting stoke or headgear, grooms can also wear their wedding outfit in similar shade of the brides outfit.

  1. Make sure that the decor has different colour tones so that the bride and the groom both stand out in the pictures.

  2. And to ease out your colour options, I’ve made a chart keeping in mind what colours will complement your outfit.

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