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Getting Into The Mindset Of A Designer - Mind-maps & Mood boards


A mindmap is a highly useful process with the help of which designers can organise ideas in important categories such as -

  • Concept Title

  • Season

  • Inspiration

  • Materials

  • colours

  • Research

A mindmap allows for the designer to see their thoughts clearly on a page. It enables them to find their niche for the collection. It can be best created by taking a piece of A3 paper and starting in your inspiration and then branch out from that. It can include pictures if you like!

MOOD BOARD (Story board for the concept)

- Is a powerful visual that will enable your target client to understand what your concept is about. - Has a story throughout the collection.

- Is a more formal statement of your concept and helps establish the feeling of the collection.

- Expresses the essence of your ideas , sums up the themes and reflects the seasons.

- Helps to focus and crystallise your ideas , whilst assisting you towards design solutions.

How to create a mood board ?

  • To ensure the flow of design , you can Check the mood board whilst designing as it can be a reference point of your Collection

  • Motifs are very important through out the collection- this is what ties everything together.

  • It could be a print, a piece of embroidery, the way things are cut. This can be emulated on your mood board.

  • Creating mood board at this stage entails arranging images and ideas from your research on an A3 sheet.

  • It aims to give an indication of how your design work will evolve.

  • The sheet you are creating should relate to the rest of your presentation and should be collated as if for a magazine page, forming a visual representation of your concept/ theme.

  • Try to make your collage of images as harmonious as possible.

  • Using only coloured images or using images of the same tone might add effect.

  • The most successful mood boards have a focal point. So play with the scale of the images you choose.

  • Make the images visually stimulating.

  • Make the board stylistically cohesive and harmonious.

  • Avoid using only fashion images.

  • Work on a professional, clean presentation.

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