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My Sentosa Island Lookbook!

Sentosa, also know an as the state of fun, is sure to leave you spellbound with its pristine beaches, exciting attractions and tropical landscapes.

For our 10-12 days honeymoon vacation, we stayed in Singapore for about 4 days out of which we planned one of our days at Sentosa Island. This sunny Island is home to the most thrilling events, themed attractions, award winning spas, lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches and resort style hotels.

For this fun Island where we were going to spend our entire day, I wanted my outfit to match the mood of this exciting place. I wanted to keep it short and fun, to avoid getting sweaty ,as we were visiting the city in the month of July. Comfortable, easy to carry and yet something chic and stunning was what I was looking for.

So finally I found my perfect outfit . I chose a yellow floral printed fit and flare dress. It had a round neck. This sleeveless outfit had a concealed zip closure and a flared hem. The best part is this beautiful dress suits almost all body shapes.

The bright yellow color of this dress is just perfect for your day at Sentosa. These days all of us are concerned about getting that perfect snapshot at our dream holiday destination and trust me you'll never go wrong with bright yellow. It adds a natural glow on you.

Secondly I opted for a dress over a Jeans pant because it's more comfortable and less sweaty. You’ll have to walk a lot to explore this wonderful destination to its fullest . So opt for something that is comfortable for you to carry. If you're more comfortable in jeans/ shorts, go for it!

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking! Floral prints are evergreen and will never disappoint you. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of spring. Don't you think that's just what the theme of Sentosa is?

I paired my outfit up with a denim jacket to add much needed drama to it. It looked absolutely stunning as yellow with denim blue is an absolute hit Color combination too.

For my footwear I chose a simple pair of navy blue slippers as they are quite comfortable. But you may opt for sneakers, heels, sandals or anything that you think complements your look.

Obviously a cool pair of sunglasses is a must. So I wore a hexagonal brown hued one which went well with my outfit. You can choose your favorite one here!

This was my entire look for my day at Sentosa.I had the best time on this wonderful Island with my husband! And he totally loved how I looked! (Haha)

Try this look and show off your great sense of fashion. You can wear this for your vacation, birthday, girls day out or any fun occasion. Wear this printed yellow piece with strappy heels and your favorite clutch for a night out with your friends.

This is also the perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiancé, wife or best friend.

Do let me know if you loved this look and if you want to buy this beautiful and chic outfit, the link is here ..




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