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Pocket Friendly Fashion Trends 2020

Did you know that the first ever fashion week in the history was held in New York in 1943 ?

Ever since we’ve been inspired by fashion world and are keeping up with the trends .

We have all, at some point in our lives, dreamt about being a fashion model and walked the ramp

in front of our mirrors . Dreaming ourselves to be drenched in fashion head to toe . Don’t lie ! I

know you've done that too . Haha ! (Probably you still do it ;))

Let’s admit it , we still have a part of us who wants to be a diva . A Budget friendly diva though .

Because let’s be practical investing in the runway threads are way out of our wallet’s reach .

So here I am for the Diva in you !

I can’t call myself a forecaster but when it comes to keeping an eye out for upcoming trends , I like to think I'm pretty capable. So I've come up with some the most AMAZING FASHION TRENDS OF 2020 which can easily jump from the runways right into your wardrobes , without pinching a hole in your pockets.

1 . Polka Dots

Think polka dots are for kids ? Dumped that beautiful piece for being old fashioned ? Think again . Polka dots have choked the runways this 2020 . Not exactly groundbreaking, but totally essential. Spots come in brighter colors, vintage-inspired silhouettes, and more graphic prints for a totally modern feel.

2. Lotsa fringes –

Let it all hang loose in 2020, baby . Runways have been flooded with fringes of all kinds . The tasseled trim was given an elevated touch on the runway this season. Be it on your apparel or even your accessories , Fringes everywhere ! It adds tons of drama, and it’s just fun to flatter those hangs , okay ?

3. Neon is on !

Feel that the fluorescent pink , orange , green blue and yellow don't blend in with the crowd ? Rethink ! Highlighter inspired neon shades are seeming to be current favorites of various designers at the catwalk . These vibrant shades pair wonderfully with black, white, or tan, and know how to make an entrance . Want to stand out with your appearance ? Choose what others won’t !

4. Ruffles gallery

Ruffles have enormously popped up in myriad 2020 collections. It’s time to live out your ’80s prom dreams with All. The . Ruffles. Just pile ’em on!

5.Feather weather

2020 runways have been full of bold surprises. Amongst all the other my absolute favorite are bold feathers. Oh what a delight to watch ! Feathers are one of the most playful embellishments one can add to an outfit . Designers this year have been feeling playful, dressing pieces in feathers of different shapes, colors and sizes. Don’t hesitate to put that cute dramatic feather top in your shopping cart this year , alright?

6. Short Shorts

Dare to bare your bum ? Flaunt it . Hot pants are stealing the show on the ramps this year . Don’t have a kind of ass you’d flaunt ? Don't worry Bermuda shorts still have your back . Embrace your body the way it is .

7 Puffy Sleeves

when you just need a little extra oomph in your life, focus on your sleeves, darling. For the romantic at heart , puffed sleeves this year will be your best friend . What’s great with the puffy sleeves are their voluminous and dramatic look which adds a statement to any outfit.

8.Monochrome Dresses

Pick your favourite color—and then make it extra in different tints tones and shades . As simple as that ! Don't you think it’s so easy to stay trendy ?

9. The disco collar

This year it’s quite evident that the collar craze is picking up steam . Statement collars are everywhere . What has made a grand entry are the Detachable collars - those that you can remove and style at your whim. It’s a bonus for all those who always tend to gravitate towards a single kind of neckline . Its worth a buy for you can add drama to your plain boring tops and be ready to hear “Oh wow ! Where did you get that ? “

10. Fanny packs

So having talked about some pocket friendly trends this season , let's talk about what I noticed the most this season . It's fanny pack time AGAIN . This belt bag is so much more graceful, so let's go with that—this style is super practical and ultra functional . Having your purse secured to your waist makes it easier to do practically anything. So get creative and style them slung over your chest or around your waist!

These are some of the latest fashion trends of 2020 which you can easily incorporate in your wardrobe and walk the ramp of life !

Which one is your favorite trend is the year? Do let me know in the comment section . I would love to hear from each one of you .


Barkha .

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