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Saree- The Timeless Classic

A Sari, Saree, or Shari is a female garment from the Indian subcontinent. It consists of a draper varying from 5 to 9 yards(4.5m to 8m) in length and 2 to 4 feet in breadth. It is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff. The saree is worn with a flat bodice commonly called a blouse and inner skirt.

Styles Of Draping a Saree

1. Bengali and Odia Style

This is worn without any pleats. Traditionally the Bengali style is worn without pleats where the saree is wrapped around in an anti-clockwise direction around the waist and then a second time from the other direction .

2. Gujarati/Rajasthani

After tucking in the pleats, the loose end is taken from the back and is draped across the right shoulder.

3. Manipuri

This saree is worn with a three-set garment known as a innaphi veil. Phanek lower wrap and long sleeved blouse.

4. Maharashtrian

The centre of the saree (held lengthwise) is placed at the centre back. The ends are brought forward and tied securely. Then the two ends are wrapped around the legs. When worn as a saree, an extra long cloth of nine yards is used. The ends are then passed up over the shoulders and the upper body.

5. Malayali Style

The two piece saree or Mundum Neryathum, is worn in Kerala. It is usually made of unbleached cotton and decorated with gold/coloured stripes and borders.

6. Assamese

This saree style is a three-set garment known as Mekhela Chador. The bottom portion, draped from the waist downwards is called Mekhela and the veil known as Chador, is worn with a long sleeve blouse.

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