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The Biggest Color Trends Of 2020 That’ll Make You Look Extra GORGEOUS!

Color is the power that directly influences the soul. What’s between fashion and you is the COLOR. First impressions are everything, and color can often make an impression even before you can notice anything else about an outfit. That’s the power of a COLOR.

The fashion trends 2020 on the runways showcased a plethora of chic styles , but what I am particularly enamored with is the color trends that stood out and are all over our social and on every cool fashion trendsetter girl in just a short span of time.

The color palettes of 2020 are a perfect blend of culture & heritage with a touch of youthfulness to it. This gives it a quite energetic and optimistic feel.

Right from the expected shades of red & blue to the most unexpected colors like acqua shades, below I'll be sharing the seven biggest color trends that are a big hit in 2020 based on the Spring/Summer 2020 & Autumn/Winter 2020.

Get ahead of the curve by shopping these hues right now.

1. Flame Scarlet – Pantone 18- 1662

Like the name suggests this bold and fiery orange- red color will definitely attract a lot of attention. Being a perfectly radiant mixture of blazing orange and rich red, this hue will confidently stand out in the crowd.

Styling tip- Pair it up with black and be ready to steal the show.

2. Biscay Green – Pantone 15- 5718

This hue catches your eye in a decidedly calm way having it’s background from the ocean front shorelines. Aqua Menthe is a mix of cyan and mint—two colors that are so pleasing to the eye and together become an even more stunning shade. This shade fondly reminds me of crystal clear waters in James bond island, Phuket!

Styling tip- Wear it with any shade of pink for the prettiest look.

3. Faded Denim – PANTONE 17-4021

Planning on getting rid of that old Jean or Jean jacket because of its faded color? You'd want to think again! Faded denim color is THE trend right now. This dependable blue is always comfortable and easy to carry.

Styling tip- Pair it with bold and vibrant colors for that stunning chic look.

4. Coral pink - PANTONE 14-1318

Coral Pink wraps you up in a warm and welcoming embrace. In my opinion this is by far the best shade of pink. A perfect blend of coral warmth and pink, this hue is definitely going to add a lot of subtle poise to your look.

Styling tip- Wear this hue in soft flowy fabrics like silks, tulle, soft net etc for that perfect look.

5. Saffron – Pantone 14-1064

Saffron adds a flavorful outlook to your palette. This bold and beautiful hue is the perfect example of vintage color palette with a modern touch .

Styling tip- This year go ahead and try head to toe saffron look.

6. Chive – Pantone 19-0323

A savory herbal green, Chive imparts a healthy and restorative harmony. This shade of green is much darker, richer and herbaceous. Chive is a friendly hue which pairs beautifully with a lot of hues.

Styling tip- Chive + Saffron = Make style statement . Chive pairs up perfectly with saffron. This year give it a go in luxury leather as seen on the runways.

7. Brilliant White- Pantone 11-4001

You can never go wrong with white, especially brilliant white. This clean, crisp and pristine hue is a perfect blend of simplicity and modernity.

Styling tip – You will never really need a tip for styling a white. But to move hand in hand with the fashion trends , you must try head to toe all white blanc look. White will never disappoint you!

8. Classic Blue – Color Of The Year 2020 – Pantone 19-4052

Pantone has announced CLASSIC BLUE to be the pantone color of the year. This hue is elegant in its simplicity. It symbolizes the sky at dusk. It imparts calmness, confidence, and connection all at once making it more dependable and stable . It is the threshold into a new era.

Wondering what's my favourite amongst these stunning hues?

It's Flame Scarlet. This lush lava hue has to be my favourite forever. I love how this shade stands out and makes your presence noticeable!

While shopping your outfits this year, Get ahead of the curve by shopping these hues and make style statements.

Which one is your favorite color from these trending color palettes in 2020?

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