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Understanding Personal Style

One of the key elements in fashion is the understanding of different personal styles. It is important to have a defined, memorable and unique style of your own. There are 8 style categories and below i'll be discussing each one of it in detail.

1. Classic (Men & Women)

Classic is the most timeless of the style categories. It encompasses items such as white button-down shirts, loafers and simple blazers. Retailers who specialize in classic clothing include J Crew, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.

2. Romantic Vintage (Women Only)

This is very feminine style defined by delicate fabrics, lace and vintage inspired clothing. Sue Wong and Anna Sui are designers who are known for Romantic Vintage Clothing.

3. Rock 'n' Roll (Men & Women)

This style is known for embellishment and mixing different elements. For example, a thrift store find might be mixed with a high end designer piece.

4. Bohemian (Men & Women)

This style is similar to romantic, in that it encompasses fluid fabrics and feminine silhouettes for women. For men it includes thrift store finds. However, there is a difference, as it is more 60's and 70's inspired. Lucky Band and Free People are two brands known for there bohemian looks.

5. Creative Edge (Men & Women)

This is about interesting silhouettes and clothing construction techniques. Asymmetric hemlines or unexpected sewing details define this look. Diesel, ZARA and H&M offer this type of clothing at affordable prices.

6. Glamazon (Women Only)

This is about sex appeal, and not being afraid to be noticed. Figure Hugging, Curve-revealing dresses, Fitted Pants, Blouses, Stilettos and noticeable jewelry can be found in this category.

7. Minimalist Modern (Men & Women)

This is about very simple, neutral color pallets. What makes this simplicity work is the quality of the garment, the quality of the fabric. However, anyone can pull off this look if they know which silhouettes flatters their shape.

8. Sporty (Men Only)

The sports look is about traditional roomy cuts. Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter are examples of men who have sporty style.

Tip : Most People do not fall into a single style category, nor should they. Having more than one dimension to personal taste makes wardrobes more complex and interesting.

These are the 8 personal style categories under which you might fall. It depends on your personal taste, choice, preferences and body shape as to which style suits you the best. Which one is your personal favorite?

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