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Wedding Wear Series- Womenswear


  • When fitting a women you have to remember that a female silhouette is defined by the women wearing the garment.

  • You also have to think about how you want the female body to be changed or altered by the clothing and the silhouette created.

  • For example, A high waist full skirt creates the illusion of a slimmer waste and larger hips.

  • Accessories are essential when styling the women's outfit for the runway, photoshoot or weddings. You must choose carefully according to the color and style of the outfit.

  • For example, for bridal look accessories needs to be analyzed in careful detail as they must match the garment and adorn the bride in a balanced yet sophisticated way.


  • Sarees create a silhouette which emphasizes females hips.

  • Whilst still a traditional style it can be modernized by using unconventional materials and motives.

  • Lehenga's create a silhouette which emphasizes the hips and the waist. It has a more youthful air than a saree as the midriff is usually visible.

  • Kurti - This is a more modest silhouette featuring a tailored look.

  • Choli and Skirt - Simple yet glamourous, this combination can be altered to whatever you as a designer want to create.

  • Cocktail Dresses are usually wore for evening occasions. They accentuate the legs as the hemline is short. These dresses can be designed in anyway you want. They can be in any color and cut as long as they are short and suitable for evening wear.

  • A Jumpsuit is a great way of subverting formal attire as it is not a dress but still holds the same effortless grace a dress does. This can be modified for daywear or eveningwear by what materials are used and how they are accessorized.

  • Gown is a very generalized word as it means any long dress. However, gowns usually relate to eveningwear as long day dresses are called maxi dresses. Gowns are incredibly versatile and are a great way of expressing your ideas as they provide a lot of space to work with and flatter the female figure very well.

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