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What Is Your Style Personality?

A fashion personality is the innate unique character within each one of us that is expressed through certain style choices. And just like everyone has a personality, everyone also has a style personality.

Style personality is where you embrace your taste and individuality. You know what look suits your body shape, appropriate for your lifestyle and makes you feel confident and comfortable and you STICK WITH IT !

There are basically 6 style personalities. We will be discussing each one of it below.

1. Conservative, Smart and Practical.

You love high quality fabrics such as tweeds, cashmeres and crisp pure cotton. Your look is very Ivy league with a personal touch. You love wearing crisp white blouses paired with grey wool slacks, and will add antique rhinestones and pearl jewels as a style statement. You don't spend frivolously, and your wardrobe is filled with conservative styles that will stand the test of time. Your taste and choice in clothing, mirrors most European women.

2. Classic, Modern and Poised.

You also love quality fabrics, but your clothing choices lean towards classic and elegance. Your color choices are always modern.

3. Romantic, Vintage and Charming.

Soft ruffles, lace, antique buttons- These are the details you pay attention to when choosing your clothing. You love to shop from vintage clothing stores, and have a stash of vintage slips you love to wear. Modern styles have to have romantic elements. You love everything hand-made and your jewelry matches this mood.

4. Dramatic, Independent and Sexy.

Your clothing choices are always bold, confident and body conscious. You are not afraid to mix colors, patterns and styles from modern day designers. You are in love with black lace and corsetry.

5. Artistic, Creative and Passionate.

You, more than any other clothing personality, have an intense interest in color, texture, pattern and print, and also have the confidence to combine these elements in your dresses and accessories. You always have the best shoes and bags.

6. Elegant, Cultured and Classy.

You are a couture fan, and enjoy hand tailored clothing. Pearls and heirloom gold add glamour to your cashmere jackets and silk trousers. You love wearing simple and elegant styles. If you could, you would wear 1930's fashion all the time.

If someone asks you "What's your style?" You may now figure it out which style category suits you the best. Although you certainly don't have to fit in any of the above category, it may help you understand what you like and what you don't.

It's quite usual for us to feel and affinity with two or three different looks after all we are different people at different times.

I am a mix of Romantic Vintage and Dramatic. What is Your Style Personality?

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